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Bartholomew Fair

Autor Jonson, Ben
  • BARTHOLOMEW FAYRE: A COMEDIE. [Bartholomew Fair]. Jonson, Ben. London. Allott, Robert. 1631. 2º. “This collection was issued again in 1640 with a general title page and with volume 3 of Jonson's Works (STC 14754 and STC 14754a)” Farmer and Lessser (5097)..
  • The works of Ben Jonson. Jonson, Ben. London. Herringman, Henry; Brewster, Eward; Bassett, Thomas; Chiswell, Richard; Wotton, Matthew; Conyers, George. 1692. 2º.
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Representaciones antiguas
  • Company: Lady Elizabeth's Men Venue: Whitehall Palace Date: 1614
      Location: Venue type: palace / court
      Note: 1 November
      Information source: Wiggins, Martin. British Drama 1533-1642: A Catalogue. Volume 6: 1609-1616. 2015.
    • Company: Lady Elizabeth's Men Venue: The Hope playhouse Date: 1614
        Location: Venue type: commercial theatre
        Note: 31 October
        Information source: Wiggins, Martin. British Drama 1533-1642: A Catalogue. Volume 6: 1609-1616. 2015.
      Tiempo histórico
      • Siglo XVII
      Lugares de la acción
      • London. [United Kingdom]. Europe
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