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Autor Lyly, John
  • A moste excellent Comedie of Alexander, Campaspe, and Diogenes. Lyly, John. London. Cadman, Thomas. 1584. 4º. First quarto. STC: 17047.5.
  • Campaspe. Lyly, John. London. Cadman, Thomas. 1584. 2º. Second quarto. STC: 17048.
  • Campaspe. Lyly, John. London. Cadman, Thomas. 1584. 4º. Third quarto. STC: 17048a.
  • Campaspe. Lyly, John. London. Broome, William. 1591. 4º. Fourth quarto..
  • SIXE COVRT Comedies. [Six Court Comedies]. Lyly, John. London. Blount, Edward. 1632. 12º. STC: 17088.
Ediciones modernas
  • Hunter, George K., ed. Campaspe. Lyly, John. In: Hunter, George K.; Bevington, David, ed. Campaspe. Sappho and Phao. Manchester: Manchester University Press, 1991, pp. 302-60. The Revels Plays series.
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  • 1583
Representaciones antiguas
  • Company: The Earl of Oxford’s Boys Venue: the Blackfriars Date: 1583-84
      Location: Venue type: commercial theatre
      Note: Indoor “private” theatre
      Information source: Wiggins, Martin. British Drama 1533-1642: A Catalogue. Volume 2: 1567-1589. 2012.
    • Company: The Earl of Oxford’s Boys Venue: Whitehall Palace Date: 1584
        Location: Venue type: palace / court
        Note: (Children of the Chapel Royal and of Paul’s)
        Information source: Wiggins, Martin. British Drama 1533-1642: A Catalogue. Volume 2: 1567-1589. 2012.
      Tiempo histórico
      • Antigüedad clásica
      Lugares de la acción
      • Athens. [Greece]. Europe
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      • DE:
        • Lyly, John. Alexander und Campaspe: ein Lustspiel. Tra. Gelbcke, Ferdinand Adolf. Berlin: Henschelverlag, 1963.
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